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  1. questionBing Aerial Base Maps no longer works in MapInfo Pro
    Occurrence Occurs on a older version of MapInfo Pro. Symptoms: 1/. Opening a workspace incorporating Bing content returns an error 2/. All HOME>Open>Base Maps (the Bing Aerial, Hybrid, Roads) are inactive / greyed out. 3/. All and File >Tile Server Maps options are greyed out Solution ...
  2. questionA MapInfo license error 880002 is displayed upon starting the MapInfo Discover Bundle
    See this MapInfo KB -
  3. questionA MapInfo license error -158 is displayed upon starting the MapInfo Discover Bundle
    Refer to this MapInfo KB -
  4. questionA MapInfo license error -73 is displayed upon starting the MapInfo Discover Bundle
    Occurrence Some possible causes of invalidating your MapInfo FlexNET license are - 1. You have upgraded to Windows 10, or there has been a feature update to this. 2. You have upgraded your computer’s hardware. 3. Your IT has deleted the contents of C:/ProgramData/FlexNET, or is running s ...
  5. questionAdvanced MapInfo Pro error - Restricted Copy Discover.exe
    Occurrence When I select to start MapInfo Discover, I receive the error "Restricted Copy - this must be used within from Discover.exe" Solution This is caused by running MapinfoPro.exe directly, with the Discover bundle licensing you MUST be starting - C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\Dis ...
  6. questionMapInfo Pro 17.0.2 or later is asking for a subscription login
    Occurrence I have installed MapInfo 17.0.2, but when starting the Discover shortcut, MapInfo is opening a dialog requesting for a subscription login. Solution This is because you ticked the box during install "I do not have a serial number", but it should of been pre-filled with your existing ...
  7. questionMapInfo is asking for a activation response file
    Occurrence I was trying to activate MapInfo using the offline email method. Now it asks me each time on startup for a response file from MapInfo Solution Search in the start menu, "regedit" and open this tool. Then navigate to - Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professi ...
  8. questionWhat is my serial number, customer number or activation code?
    To inquire about your licence details or status, contact customer support with your Company name at
  9. questionWhy does my MapInfo About licence show OEM and restricted copy?
    Occurrence After installing and licensing the Discover-MapInfo bundle, when I go to MapInfo Help>About this MapInfo product, the licence is shown as "OEM" and "Restricted copy" with no serial number or access codes. Solution This is the expected behavior when using the Discover-MapInfo bundl ...