MapInfo Pro 17.0.2 or later is asking for a subscription login


I have installed MapInfo 17.0.2, but when starting the Discover shortcut, MapInfo is opening a dialog requesting for a subscription login.


This is because you ticked the box during install "I do not have a serial number", but it should of been pre-filled with your existing Discover OEM bundle serial number already installed.

To turn on or off the new MapInfo Viewer subscription mode, navigate to -
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional

To turn off viewer subscription (use full MapInfo) double click DefaultToFullPro.reg
To turn on viewer (not using the Discover OEM bundle license, and requires a subscription login), double click DefaultToSubscription.reg

Select Yes at both prompts to add this information to your registry.

If the issue persists there is also 2 other  ways to run the viewer to check.

The configuration file C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\MapInfoPro.exe.config
 Add key under appSettings section
  • <add key="Subscription" value="Off"/> to start Pro in full licensed mode
  • <add key="Subscription" value="On"/> to start Pro in Viewer mode
  • <add key="Subscription" value="MIPRO_Viewer"/> to start Pro in Viewer mode with a specific plan named 'planid'

By a Command line parameter (this is the MapInfo Viewer start menu shortcut)
  • to start Pro in Viewer mode: MapInfoPro.exe /Subscription=On
  • to start Pro in Viewer mode with a specific plan: MapInfoPro.exe /Subscription=plannid
  • to start Pro in full licensed mode: MapInfoPro.exe /Subscription=Off

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Last Updated on: 7th of February, 2019