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  1. questionHow do I open or import my voxel or block model into 3D?
    Occurrence How do I open or import my voxel or block model in 3D? Solution There are 3 categories of voxel/block models you may try to open or load into Discover3D- A) Native Encom (.e3d) voxels These can be directly loaded by simply drag and dropping into the 3D window. B) Standard Thi ...
  2. questionHow do I display voxel / block models on my cross-sections?
    Discover 2012 introduced the powerful ability to export voxel models as vector slices along multiple cross-sections. These vector slices are automatically associated with the cross-sections (i.e. automatically recognised and handled by the Section Manager), and comprise a polygon for each inte ...
  3. questionHow can I calculate the volume and average of a voxel model?
    Occurrence Can I calculate the volume of my Voxel Model? Can I calculate the volume for a specific assay range or lithology groups? Solution Once you have created or loaded a Voxel Model in 3D, right-click on its Workspace branch and open the Properties dialog for the model. Under the Data tab ...
  4. questionHow to merge two voxel grids using the maximum input cell value?
    You will need to use the Voxel Calculator. Syntax used to return maximum cell value from two input voxels t & d: mx= if(t == null, if(d == null, null,d), if(d == null, t, max(t,d)))