How do I open or import my voxel or block model into 3D?


How do I open or import my voxel or block model in 3D?


There are 3 categories of voxel/block models you may try to open or load into Discover3D- 

A) Native Encom (.e3d) voxels
These can be  directly loaded by simply drag and dropping into the 3D window.

B) Standard Third Party Formats
Such as Datamine, Surpac, Micromine, UBC etc. These can be  directly loaded by -
  1. Select Data>Voxel Model to add a new empty branch 
  2. Double click on this new branch icon to open properties
  3. On the File tab of the properties, there is  Load Model
  4.  Now you can follow the steps in the wizard
C) Generic ASCII test format
The most flexible method is to import and convert these into a standard Encom format. This method will handle all types or rotated and variable block sizes. This can be done by -
  1. Select Grids>Voxel Manager
  2. Click the open file button
  3. Select the ASCII Import from the format list
  4. Follow the wizard steps to specify the ASCII format and import it
Note Rotated models are not supported for any format other than Encom3D Grid. The bounds of the model need to be parallel with the X and Y axis. If you wish to import a rotated model, you will need to obtain an ASCII (CSV) version of it. 

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Last Updated on: 3rd of January, 2018