What is a distributable license?

The distributable license model was created by MapInfo Pro, to overcome a shortcoming in not having a customer licensing portal, so there was no way to manage a large pool of standalone node locked licenses and license keys. Like with standalone licenses, a user needs to manually return the license to the server to release it.

It requires -
1. A on-site local license "server" and network (i.e. a wifi router all computers connect to). This can be on any windows PC that is always left on and configured to never sleep/hibernate.
2. A user connect to the license server, and a license is automatically assigned to that computer's hardwareID (not user) and borrowed for the default maximum borrow time (380 days).
3. The users on that computer no longer need to connect to the license server for the remainder of this borrow time. Another user's computer cannot use the license even if the first user closes the software.
4. The license can be returned to the server at anytime, to allow it to be used by another user (transferred). If it is not returned before it expires it automatically becomes 'revoked' free on the server for another user.

The admin portal for the server can be accessed from any computer on the network, to view license usage details.

This is different to a traditional network concurrent or "floating" license, as with that model as soon s any users closes the software, the license is returned and free for a different user to user. No manual return of the license is required.

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Last Updated on: 6th of May, 2024