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  1. questionHow do I digitize structure Symbols
    Occurrence The Structural Symbols tool allows applying to existing table of points. How do I create and digitize new symbols? Solution Firstly create a new table with suitable field types to digitize. Then go to Project>Setup>Table Validation and the lookup table in a character fiel ...
  2. questionHow do I convert strike to dip direction?
    There are various rules and methods on how to acutal measure strike and dip, commonly known as the "Right Hand Rule". The most simplistic and straight-forward interpretation, is measured perpendicular to the Dip Direction, so converting simply requires -90, but then a correction factor applied ...
  3. questionEncom fonts files are missing or black square symbols are appearing
    Occurrence After upgrading/installing Discover, the symbols such as Collar and EOH symbols on sections and certain map symbols are displaying as black Squares. Solution After installing/upgrading Encom Discover, you will need to restart Windows to complete the update of the Encom ET font files.