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  1. questionHow do I reproject my data?
    Discover provides a number of different Reprojection Utilities, depending on the type of data to be transformed. Each of these tools will create a copy of the data in the specified output projection, typically with a default _reproject suffix added to the input file name. These tools are invalu ...
  2. questionI am planning a regional exploration work program. What tools are available in Discover?
    Occurrence How do I: A. Add coordinates to a series of discrete point locations such as proposed regional RAB/aircore drill targets, and then add an incrementing identifier (e.g. HoleID) to each location? B. Convert a series of proposed regional traverse lines/polylines into grid pegs/sample loc ...
  3. questionHow can I add a unique number to identify each record in a browser?
    In Discover 10.0 you can use the Table Utilities->Add Unique Identifier tool. Not only does this automatically increment each record by a user-specified value (e.g. 1, 5 10 or -2), but it allows the user to add a prefix and/or suffix to each record. If you have an older version of Disc ...
  4. questionIs it possible to extract/update to columns the X/Y coordinates for all of the nodes of polygons or polylines?
    Yes, use the MODIFY>Nodes>Extract Nodes tool. This will extract every node into a new table, with X and Y coordinates automatically listed for each point.
  5. questionHow do I determine/calculate the orientation of a line or polyline?
    Solution There are two options: Manually: use the Discover>Map Window>Distance and Bearing tool Automatically: Use the Discover>Data Utilities>Line Orientation tool
  6. questionExtract Nodes Error: "Select one or more lines, polylines or regions"
    Occurrence Selecting multiple regions and applying the Extract Nodes tool. Solution Are you are trying to extract nodes from a rectangle, ellipse or rounded rectangle map object? This error message will be displayed if this is the case. In MapInfo these shapes are not treated as true map ...