What is a named user license?

The Named User license in Discover for ArcGIS is based on a traditional floating concurrent license model. However it restricts the licenses to be only used by a certain user.

The workflow is as follows -

1. If you have 3 Named User licenses, and you email to your whole company your cloud server licence Client ID and password.

2. The first 3 users the start the software, and connect (activate) a license will have their windows user name automatically assign to 1 of the 3 licenses.

3. The 3 users can now use the license, on any computer, provide they login with the same Windows user name (i.e. you company's email/domain user name), and it is not opened on more than 1 computer at a time by the user

4. For the 4th user, they will not be able to take a license, even after the first 3 user close the software. To 'transfer' the license from one of the user to another, you will need to login to the cloud customer portal, and remove a user for the named user list. see the related KB for detailed instructions.

5. Once a user is removed from the user list, they will not be able to access any of the licenses for a 24hr period. This means they will not be able have the license 'transferred' back to them.

Note as this is a Cloud server license, you must be online with a internet connection to use the licence. You must take the license offline, before going offline, to continue to use it.

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Last Updated on: 18th of August, 2021