Why are some of my ribbon menus in english and some in my windows language setting?


I have installed MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 or later, and now my MapInfo menu items are not in English, they are in the language my Windows is set to use.


MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 and later is now a 2GB installer because it installs multiple languages but is not optimized for translation (i.e. not small translated text files), so many large binary files are duplicated. Previously there were separate installers for each language.

The Discover bundle installs overrides the MapInfo setting and sets it to always display in English.

To change this copy the file -
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\MapInfoPro.exe.config

To your desktop and open it in notepad. Change the line -
<!--<add key="UiLocale" value="fr"/>-->

<add key="UiLocale" value="en"/>

Copy this edited file back in the Professional folder and start MapInfo.

Note This setting does not affect Discover. Discover is only available in English.

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Last Updated on: 31st of May, 2022