New CAE Datamine Studio Connectivity in Discover 2014

The CAE (Datamine) Studio Export tool (on Discover's Export menu) is a simple and effective wizard that:
  • Supports all MapInfo Pro vector, raster and (topography) surface data.
  • Bulk exports your datasets in one routine.
  • Reprojects all the data into the required (cartesian) projection.
  • Allows the removal of unnecessary data fields (to help minimise output file sizes).
  • Truncates and converts your data fields/columns to fit in Datamine Studio's restrictions

To import a Datamine wireframe model (*.dm file) into Discover, requires a Discover3D license. This can be done by either -

  • Drag and drop into the 3D window
  • File>Open>All Support Vector formats
  • Or import into a Feature database, using Features>Import (which allows for further conversion to other formats).
Note Datamine files (*.dm) can be many different data types, including vectors (strings/polylines & points), wireframe/TIN models, Block/Voxel model.

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Last Updated on: 5th of February, 2019