Tips and Tricks moving from Surfaces to MapInfo Pro Raster

[A] In Discover  64-bit, my MRR raster grid is not listed/recognized by Discover tools


Most tools support MRR files, and some will allow Field/Band selection (as ER Mapper and other formats are multibanded). If you cannot select a MRR gird file it is not yet supported in that particular tool. If you cannot select a Band to use, it will use the first field/band.

If you need to convert a MRR to a standard format, that 3rd party programs support, use the RASTER>Operations>Convert tool.

[B] In Discover 64-bit, I cannot change the color display of my grid in RASTER (for a grid created in Discover's old Surfaces module or open by Grid Image)


None of the RASTER>Display options work, such as Color, Color Stretch, or Hill Shade. Or in Discover 2017 and later, the SURFACES>Display options do not work.


In Discover 2017, simply use the SURFACES>Display>Grid Toggle option to switch between using Surfaces or Raster colouring options. The 2 modes have different icons in the Explorer layer -

Raster Image -

Legacy Grid Image -


You will now be able to apply the RASTER>Display options to this raster grid.


[C] In MapInfo Discover 32-bit, a 'Raster engine was unable to recognize image file format' error is shown when trying to open a grid created or modified by RASTER (in MapInfo Discover 64-bit).


Use the same solution as [B], the SURFACES>Display>Grid Toggle option before opening in 32-bit.

If it is a MRR file, it will need to be converted first using RASTER>Operations>Convert. Then use grid toggle.

[D] In MapInfo Pro Raster, what is the equivalent of the Surfaces tool?:

Grid Query > Select by Value (greater than a value)

1/. Use RASTER>Operations>Contour


2/. Set Contour Type to <Region>

3/. Set Method to <Fixed Intervals>

4/. Press the Intervals button, and set both the Minimum and Maximum entries to the desired Value

5/. Press OK.

Assign Values from Grid

MapInfo Pro Raster provides this functionality as 3 enhanced tools specific to the vector type under RASTER>Operations:

- Point Inspect  

- Line Stats       

- Region Stats   

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