Functionality replaced or retired from the MapInfo Discover 64-bit Bundle

The following capabilities will not be available in the 64-bit version of Discover. They have been either superseded by new & enhanced functionality (as indicated), or retired.

If required, these capabilities are all still available in Discover 2015 (32-bit) (download here).

Note: Discover 64-bit can be installed and licensed on the same computer as Discover 32-bit version (Standalone or Bundle)

  • Surfaces module (was substituted by Raster - see more details below)
  • Polybuilder (Was retired by MapInfo, after being taken from Discover by Mapinfo and In Mapinfo 12.5 & 15.0 32-bit)

  • Enhanced Layer Control replaced by MapInfo Pro's Layer Control + Table List + NEW Explorer windows.
  • Temporal Trends replaced by capabilities in GraphMap Geolocated Graphs.
  • Colour Map, DigData and the Structural Data tool have all been replaced by the enhanced capabilities within the Data Entry module.
  • The Dynamic Scalebar has been superseded by MapInfo Pro's Scalebar (Map>Scalebar)


  • MapShop
  • ALG support removed from both Discover & Discover 3D (ALG data files such as ERS and ECW can be opened directly instead, open the ALG file in notepad to check)
  • ECW output support removed from the Convert map to registered raster tool
  • Geosoft GDB support removed from Discover 3D

Surfaces module capabilities in MapInfo Pro Raster

For tips and tricks on achieving equivalent functionality from the retired Surfaces menu in MapInfo Pro Raster, see this related article.

The following Surfaces capabilities are currently not present in MapInfo Pro Raster -

Create Grid > Interactive (Gridding):

  • Kriging interpolation method (for geostatistical modelling)
  • Output grid preview
  • Breaklines support
  • Group field support
  • Inverse Distance Weighting>Search Multiple search expansions or grid passes (for in-fill gridding)
  • Inverse Distance Weighting>Search Sample selection rules (to handle data density variance)

Convert Vector File (3D TIN) to Grid

HGT Grid Import

Grid Tiler

Grid Profile > Show Vector layer intersections

Grid Utilities
These tools are missing from Raster Operations 
  • Edit
  • Flip
  • Grid to Grid Clip
  • Outline
  • Rotate
  • Shift
  • Surface Area

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Last Updated on: 4th of December, 2017