How to restore a scaled map window size or scale to display correctly in a Layout Window


The Scaled Output utility enables a portion of a map window to be automatically displayed in a layout frame at a specific scale for a selected page size. The newly created map window is synchronized to the layout
frame so that if the source map window is zoomed, panned or re-sized then this will be reflected in the layout window and the output map may no longer be correctly scaled.


Even if the map window has been modified significantly through zooming and panning or re-sizing, the quickest and easiest way to restore the correctly scaled map window view during the initial Scaled
Output session is to go up to the Scaled Output menu (if it is still open) and select the Restore Map Window menu option.

If the scaled output menu has been closed, then layouts can be reverted or modified by -

1. Simply double left click on the Layout frame and enter the correct original scale in the Map Scale option. In case the map window has been resized, also tick Fill Frame contents.

2. Before making any changes select the Discover>Map Window>Save Mapper State menu option.
Zoom, pan and make changes until satisfied, then return to the original map window view by selecting Restore Mapper State from the Discover>Map Window menu option or the map window
right-mouse click pop-up menu. Note this saved mapper state is only valid for the current working session and will be removed when MapInfo/Discover are closed.

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Last Updated on: 19th of June, 2012