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  1. questionHow do I create a custom titleblock and company logo to reuse in Scaled Output?
    The default Titleblock used by Discover is stored in - C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Encom\Discover\Config\ This can be customised, to simply register and add a company logo, or to do further customistations to the layout of the vectors and text boxes. Custom Logo To add a compa ...
  2. questionIs there batch printing tools like MapShop available in 64bit versions?
    Mapshop was not converted to use the new Layout Designer window, and is therefor not in Discover 64bit. We suggest using Layout Templates (in Mapinfo 17.0 or layer) for customisable templates, and also try free tools such as SiteMapper - ...
  3. question Can I add custom polygon fill patterns to those available in MapInfo Pro?
    You cannot add or edit the existing fill patterns listed in MapInfo Professional polygon styles. You can create a series of objects that will imitate a fill pattern using Discover>Map Making>Apply See Thru Shading or MODIFY>Edit>Custom Patterns. You can add custom bitmaps into the C: ...
  4. questionHow to restore a scaled map window size or scale to display correctly in a Layout Window
    Occurrence The Scaled Output utility enables a portion of a map window to be automatically displayed in a layout frame at a specific scale for a selected page size. The newly created map window is synchronized to the layout frame so that if the source map window is zoomed, panned or re-size ...
  5. questionHow do I modify the angle of MapInfo labels?
    Use the Discover>Map Making>Modify MI Label Angles tool.