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  1. questionHow do I create contours as polygon regions?
    Occurrence MapInfo Discover 32-bit's Surfaces > Grid Contouring tool produces polylines, but I want the contour ranges to be (enclosed) polygon regions. Solution MapInfo Discover 64-bit The Contour Operation in the new MapInfo Pro Raster can automatically create polygon contours in one s ...
  2. questionDownloading and Contouring Seamless Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
    See the comprehensive article posted here by Jack Bernard in the MIDUGNV (Nevada MapInfo/Discover User Group) fourms. Introductory paragraph: "Jack Bernard June 6, 2010 We geologists always seem to have a project that uses parts of two or even four quadrangles.Wouldn't be great to make your own ...
  3. questionHow do I digitize contours from an image?
    This is easily accomplished with either a mouse or a digitizing board/table. 1/. If using a digitizing board or table, connect it to the PC, and configure from within MapInfo (there are copious Help notes on doing this from within MapInfo’s help files: Help>MapInfo Professional Help ...