How do I digitize contours from an image?

This is easily accomplished with either a mouse or a digitizing board/table.
1/. If using a digitizing board or table, connect it to the PC, and configure from within MapInfo (there are copious Help notes on doing this from within MapInfo’s help files: Help>MapInfo Professional Help Topics and Search for ‘digitize’ (US spelling)

2/. Import your image containing the contours to be digitized using Discover's Images>Rectify tool

3/. Create a new table in the same projection as this image, and ensure it has a numeric (eg Float) column called RL or elevation or similar

4/. Make this new table editable in the same mapper as your image, and digitise each contour line in turn. If digitising with a mouse, using MapInfo’s AutoNode function (press N on the keyboard) may simplyfy this process (as it auto captures nodes, rather than you having to click each node successively).

5/. As each contour line is completed, either go into the browser or use MapInfo's information button to assign the appropriate elevation value for that contour line.

6/. Save the contour table regularly.

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Last Updated on: 24th of July, 2008