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  1. questionHow do I display a 3D vector file from another application into a Drillhole Section?
    Solution You can do this, by selecting all sections you wish to display it on in the section manager (select multiple by CTRL>Left Click). Then go to the Section Manager>Analytical Tools>Display 3D Model on Section This allows the easy display of multiple .DXF and Discover 3D .FDB vec ...
  2. questionHow do I calculate the volume/area of a solid/plane generated with the Solid Generator?
    In the Solid Generator dialog, ensure that the solid is enclosed by setting an End Capping Style (right hand side of the dialog). Generally a Flat style is recommended (this will convert the end polygons into solid planes), as this will not interpolate past the feature polygons. Once an end cap ...
  3. questionHow do you permanently alter the Z/RL values or position of a 3D DXF vector file?
    Use the Utilities>Transform Vector File tool in the 3D interface. This allows any DXF vector file to have its Z values permanently exaggerated/rescaled, as well as applying a permanent offset: 1/. Choose the source vector file using the Browse button adjacent to the Input file option in the ...