Discover 2019 is not opening. No error messages.


I am running Windows a very old computer, and have installed Discover 2019.

When I try to start nothing happens, no error messages


There is a known issue if running  on old  hardware that does not support AVX extensions. Windows 10 only supports CPUs with AVX extensions. Please see the list here of minimum processor supported for Windows 10

For example it requires it requires Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9-7xxxx (7000 or higher).

You can workaround by deleting the Discover legacy grid handlers, but certain tools and functions will still not work. To do this open C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional and delete all of the files -

This issue also occurs if you run Windows 7.

The solution which supports older hardware or upgrade your computer hardware to Windows 10 compatible and meets Discover minimum requirements (see related article).

This requirement was introduced in Discover 2019. You can rollback to the previous version that didn't require this was 2017 Update download link

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Last Updated on: 5th of April, 2019