The Datamine Discover 2021 (64-bit) (Build 21.2.32) release is now available

The Datamine Discover 2021 v21.2.32 release is now available.

This is only available as a bundle, and it installs and licenses -

  • Discover 2021
  • Discover3D 2021 (optional license - if not licensed is available in viewer mode functionality)
  • MapInfo Pro 2021.1
  • MapInfo Pro Advanced (Raster menu)
  • MapInfo Pro Premium services Bing (annual subscription license, expires 31st December 2022)

This release supports Windows 8.1, 10 and 11.

Details of changes and improvements in this release of Discover are available here

Details of changes in MapInfo Pro 2021 are in the release notes available here

Some of the New features of Discover 2021 are -

MapInfo Pro 2021


  • New Scaled Layout tool for professional map production
  • New Gridline Planner tool for generating sampling grids
  • Simplified Drillhole section creation tools
  • Full support of trench data in the Drillhole module
  • BigTIFF image support
  • New XYZ Tileserver basemap importer
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements 
  • New Sample Planner tool for samples along a line

Discover 3D

  • Completely new user interface
  • Hidden shortcuts exposed on menus
  • New floating tool bars
  • Simplified dialog and tool interfaces
  • New Cursor Plane menu with all the associated commands and functions
  • Ability to directly open Drillhole projects
  • New Drillhole cones tool to display unoriented structural data
  • Consolidated Drillhole database between Discover and Discover 3D for single source of truth
  • Ability to align the Cursor Plane to a Drillhole section
  • Ability to filter individual Drillhole tables in the Data Window
  • Vast speed improvements in displaying and loading Drillhole data
  • New navigation method
  • Quicker EGB image rendering
  • Support for Wavefront OBJ files
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements 

Discover Mobile

  • New tool to capture a track whilst conducting data collection (Android)
  • New tool to capture non spatial data such as downhole drill data (Android)
  • New tool to capture structure data using device sensors with compass and clinometer (Android)
  • Display structure data with the correct symbology (Android)
  • Support for Bad Elf GPS receivers (iOS)


Datamine Discover 2021 is available for download now from:

Download link 2.92GB (MapInfo install is 2.20GB)

If this download drops out or you have a slow connection, and alternative  link is here -

Download for slow connections 2.92GB (MapInfo install is 2.20GB)

This is a full install that will upgrade any previous version of MapInfo & Discover 64bit (it will not affect any existing MapInfo & Discover 32bit). Or it can be installed on a clean/new computer.


    1. Windows 7 is no longer supported, and you will not be able install the latest Discover versions on Windows 7. You can download the latest release supported on Windows 7 from here (version 20.3.97)

    2. Discover 64-bit will only be available as a Bundle.

    3. Discover 64-bit can be installed and licensed on the same computer as a MapInfo Discover 2015 32-bit version. Download links for that are here

    4. If you are not eligible for this version, but have the previous version (2019), you will automatically have a 21 day grace trial period. After this you can downgrade by uninstalling Discover 2021 and MapInfo 2019.3. The previous version downloads are here

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