How do I highlight different drillhole types on a section, such as Planned holes, or RAB vs RC vs DDH?


A couple of tips that may assist you with the current version of Discover (v2013).

1/. To highlight 'Planned' holes.

In addition to adding the planned hole/s' collar (and survey entries if needed) information, add a single lithology entry for each planned hole to the lithology table, spanning it's entire depth (e.g. From 0 To 300). Assign an attribute such a 'Planned' to the appropriate lithology field. We'll be leveraging this via a lithology trace shade. When the updates are done, Save the changes, and 'Recache the Drillhole Project'.

In the projects 'lithology' legend (in the Legend Editor), add a new row, called 'Planned' and set a colour/pattern that stands out for planned holes (my example below is orange vertical stripes).

Then apply this to one or more sections. Example output as below:

2/. To separate drillholes by type

  a. Add a 'Type' character field to your project's collar table, and attribute as necessary (such as 'RAB', 'RC' and 'Planned'). Save, and Recache the project.

  b. Create 3 queries (I used Discover's Data Utilites>Select by Group) from this collar table, querying out by each type. I named the resulting queries collars_RAB, collars_RC and collars_Planned.

  c. Assuming you have a section line already created in the project's 'SectionLines_projectname' table, run Define New Section (DNS).  Select the section line from the map window, and press the "Populate from Selected Line" option. Name the section Line1_RAB.

  d. In the MI Pro Table List, right click on the collars_RAB query and "Select All from collars_RAB". Back in the DNS dialog, enable the "Filter available holes" option, and press "Load MapInfo Selection" in the following dialog. Press OK, and the Generate.  A section for just the RAB holes will be created.

  e. Repeat steps c and d to create variants of the same section for both the RC and Planned holes. You will end up with three variants: Line1_RAB, Line1_RC and Line1_Plan.

  f. With the Line1_RAB section window current, make the Line1_RABD layer editable in the Layer Control. Right click on it and "Select all from Line1_RABD". Choose a new line style and colour (such as red), and Save. Repeat this with a diffferent colour for the other two section variants.

  g. Now simply drop the (restyled) D and A layers from the other two (RC and Planned) sections into the Line1_RAB section window, resulting in something like:

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