I cannot change the projection of a map with the Bing imagery

When I add a Bing image or other tile server layer to the map window, the projection is changed and I am unable to change the mapper's projection to the desired UTM or other projection.

MapInfo disables the support for reprojection on the fly of tile server image layers.
However as a workaround a static copy of the background imagery can be saved and then reprojected with Discover.

1. Open a map containing the Bing image and zoom to the area you wish to cover.

2. Select DISCOVER>Images>Map to Image. Save the window (Tip: you can set the Detail to 10x to improve resolution when zoomed in later).
Select Save as PNG format (recommended format).

3. Select DISCOVER>Images>Reproject Image. Select the map image that has just been created and reproject to the desired projection.

For a bit more information on the Bing Maps Tile System and the map projection therein, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb259689.aspx

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Last Updated on: 2nd of January, 2018