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  1. questionUnable to open TAB files linking Access or Excel files in MapInfo Pro 64-bit
    Occurrence In 64-bit MapInfo Pro, I receive an error or crash when trying to open TAB files that linked to an Access or Excel file. Or MapInfo is simply crashing when trying to open a workspace. Note that if you save the XSLX file in Excel as a CSV or legacy 97-03 XLS format, these still open. ...
  2. questionI cannot change the projection of a map with the Bing imagery
    Occurrence When I add a Bing image or other tile server layer to the map window, the projection is changed and I am unable to change the mapper's projection to the desired UTM or other projection. Solution Reprojection support for Bing and Base Map or Tile server layers was added in MapInfo ...
  3. questionMapInfo New Welcome screen - how do I turn it off?
    Occurrence MapInfo Pro v17.0 introduced a new welcome page that shows while MapInfo is loading in the background. Solution You can remove the MapInfo Pro page on startup by selecting PRO>Options>Startup and then un-tick the option for Display Welcome Window.