Can I install MapInfo Discover silently/unattended?

The Discover installers support silent/quiet installation.

The syntax is a follows -

 setup.exe /S /v" /qn"

This requires UAC elevation, so it should only be executed from within an elevated command line prompt (known as “Run As Administrator”).

The following additional properties can be specified after /v":

Where n is:
1 = local license (default)
2 = network client

setup.exe /S /v" /qn LICENSETYPE=2 LICENSESERVER=servername LICENSEPORT=port"

When LICENSETYPE=2, define the server connection. LICENSEPORT defaults to 6150 if not specified.
setup.exe /S /v" /qn LICENSETYPE=2 LICENSESERVER=myserver"
setup.exe /S /v" /qn LICENSETYPE=2 LICENSESERVER=myserver LICENSEPORT=6123"

Any previous versions should be uninstalled silently first, using msiexec /x {product's GUID code}.  You can find the product code GUID of a installed discover version under the Registry Key -



Note that certain prerequisites, such as .NET framework  4.5 and C++ 2012 require restarts and may interrupt the install requiring a restart, and should be installed beforehand via the Microsoft setups.



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Last Updated on: 18th of August, 2015