What tools are there to open or fix broken workspaces?


I am trying to open a MapInfo Workspace (.WOR) file, but it cannot find files and/or does not open successfully.

How can I fix this?


If the issue is due to a missing file, Mapinfo Pro will ask a user to locate the file.

Alternatively, under DISCOVER>Workspaces>Workspace Advanced will allow you to find the problems in the workspace file, and skip or correct these.

Also Discover>Table Utilities>Workspace Editor will aid you in batch editing the file paths when the data file locations have changed. 

MapInfo Pro 64-bit also introduced a .WOX file that is saved alongside the .WOR file. This WOX file saves the window positions and arrangement, such as tool windows and floating map windows. This may cause issues opening a workspace, and you can try to rename the .WOX file. When opening a workspace that does not have a matching .WOX file, Mapinfo will automatically generate a default file.

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Last Updated on: 23rd of July, 2019