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  1. questionUnable to open TAB files linking Access or Excel files in MapInfo Pro 64-bit
    Occurrence In 64-bit MapInfo Pro, I receive an error or crash when trying to open TAB files that linked to an Access or Excel file. Or MapInfo is simply crashing when trying to open a workspace. Note that if you save the XSLX file in Excel as a CSV or legacy 97-03 XLS format, these still open. ...
  2. questionDiscover 2019 - opening workspaces containing certain ECW files crashes
    Occurrence In Discover 2019, opening certain ECW files crashes MapInfo Discover. These opened previous versions. Solution This issue was resolved in the Discover 2019 Update.
  3. questionWhat tools are there to open or fix broken workspaces?
    Occurrence I am trying to open a MapInfo Workspace (.WOR) file, but it cannot find files and/or does not open successfully. How can I fix this? Solution If the issue is due to a missing file, Mapinfo Pro will ask a user to locate the file. Alternatively, under DISCOVER>Workspaces>Workspa ...
  4. questionAdvice for setting up workspaces to be shared on a network or cloud drive
    Occurrence I have a my GIS data and workspaces saved in a folder. This is stored on a network drive, or a cloud drive such as Dropbox, Onedrive etc. How can I setup my workspaces, so that other user can open them without error? Solution By default MapInfo Pro has logic to save a workspace wi ...