How do I calculate the bearing of a line?


The MapInfo Ruler tool does not give a bearing angle!
How do I calculate the bearing of a line, or between two points?


To calculate a bearing interactively with a ruler tool, use Discover's
QUERY>Map Object>Location Info

Or to calculate a selected lines bearing and saved in as a attribute use -
QUERY>Map Object>Line Orientation

MapInfo MapCAD, which is now turned on by default, adds a tool under -
SPATIAL>Calculate>Calculate Direction

This is incorrect. It calculates a mathematical standard cartesian angle, which is counter clockwise from the right hand direction (East).

To convert this into a GIS bearing, which is clockwise from North (top of map) you need to apply the following -

degResult = 90.0 - mathBasedDeg;
            if (degResult < 0)
                degResult += 360;
            if (degResult > 360)
                degResult -= 360;

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Last Updated on: 7th of October, 2019