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  1. questionHow do I calculate the bearing of a line?
    Occurrence The MapInfo Ruler tool does not give a bearing angle! How do I calculate the bearing of a line, or between two points? Solution To calculate a bearing interactively with a ruler tool, use Discover's QUERY>Map Object>Location Info Or to calculate a selected lines bearing and ...
  2. question I am unable to save an ECW from the Convert Map to registered raster tool
    Occurrence In Discover 2015.0 or 2015.0.1 32bit, in the Convert Map to Registered Raster tool when I select ECW output, I receive the error "Unable to load ECWCompressor.dll". Solution Download and unzip the attached file, and then copy it into your Discover install direcotry - C:\Program Files ...
  3. questionHow to set the default view for a table when it is first opened into a new map window
    Occurrence Do you find it frustrating that whenever you open up a particular table into MapInfo it is zoomed in on a portion of the data and you find you have to use View Entire Layer to see the entire dataset everytime? Alternatively, do you open up very large datasets which take a long time t ...