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  1. questionMy raster aerial image or DEM surface grid is pixelated in 3D
    Occurrence When I load my Aerial raster imagery or DEM/DTM surface grid into Discover3D, it is only displayed at a low resolution and is pixelated when I zoom in. It looks fine and full resolution in Mapinfo Professional. Solution Discover3D has limitation on the resolution of individual image ...
  2. questionHow do I capture my 3D view as an raster image?
    There are three ways of saving the 3D view as an image: 1/. Select the Tools>Georeferenced Image Exporter and select either Cursor Plane or Drillhole cross section for the image location. 2/. Select the View>Send to MapInfo menu option. This will display the view as a (non-georeferenced) ...
  3. questionHow can I increase the resolution/quality of raster images displayed in 3D?
    There are various ways to display Images in 3D, the 3 most common ways are - 1) Right click on map and View Map in 3D or Discover3D>View Map - produces lowest resolution results. 2) Discover3D>3D Utilities>Overlay Image on Grid - this preserves full input resolution from the image. 3) ...