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Importing data into Encom PA

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  1. questionCan I import ascii data into Encom PA?
    Use the File>Open>Text Import menu option to load an ascii data file in Encom PA. A minimum requirement of columns for importing ascii data is X (Easting), Y (Northing) and Z. The Text Import (Import ASCII) utility supports the following ascii data formats: DAT files (.dat) Located Data f ...
  2. questionImporting ASCII data containing a labels field
    If you are attempting to import ASCII data (e.g. comma delimited .CSV format) into Encom PA and this is not successfully importing information contained within a text field follow the below alternative instructions to import the ASCII data to a MapInfo .TAB file. Please close down Encom PA and ...
  3. questionHow can I choose what fields to use for X, Y and Z?
    You can select which fields to use for the X and Y fields of a database by selecting File>Modify Dataset Properties menu option to display the Modify Dataset Properties dialog. If using a 2D Graph you can nominate any field to be the X and Y axes in the X-Bands and Y-Bands Properties dial ...