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Profile displays of curves and sections

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  1. questionHow can I turn off Colour Modulation in Curve Profiles?
    When a curve profile display is first created the field being displayed is by default colour modulated by the first field in the database. To disable colour modulation: 1. Right mouse click on the Curve branch in the workspace tree and select Properties from the pop-up menu that appears. 2. In ...
  2. questionHow can I display a Section Grid in Profile Displays?
    To display a section grid object in a profile display: 1.Ensure that the original dataset that the section grids were created from is loaded into PA. 2.Open a single Curve Profile display using the File>New>Profile>Curve Profile menu option. 3.In the Workspace Tree for the Curve profi ...
  3. questionHow can I copy a profile display so that I can see two consecutive lines with same display properties?
    Once you have created the first profile display and edited the appearance for this, right mouse click on the Profile 1 branch in the workspace tree and from the pop-up menu select Clone>Graph. A second profile display will appear under the first profile with the exact same appearance as the ...