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  1. questionHow do I insert a carriage return or new line when creating a label?
    The syntax for a carriage return ('new line') in MapBasic is Chr$(13) or Chr$(10). E.g. Field1 + Chr$(13) + Field2 For example, to create a label of the HoleID with the Auppm measurement below, use the following syntax HoleID + Chr$(13) + Auppm
  2. questionHow do I calculate the area of polygons or length of polylines in my table?
    Occurrence I want to calculate the area for each polygon region in my table? Solution In MapInfo Pro, simply double left click on any Region/Polygon, Polyline or Point object to see its area, length, and coordinates. To add the area/length to a column - Open the Table and navigate to TABLE& ...
  3. questionExtract Point Symbol Rotation Angle to a Browser Column
    Occurence How do I extract the rotation angle from a point symbol into a specified browser field? Solution Navigate to Table>Update Column in MapInfo, select the table and field to update which needs to be a float type field. In the Value field type the following syntax: StyleAttr(ObjectInfo( ...