Changing the X and Y fields in a Database

By default, Encom PA automatically reads the X, Y, Z and Line fields as how they are named in the database being loaded. After a database is loaded, these coordinate fields can be changed to be other fields, eg “X_AMG, Y_AMG and Z_AMG or Sample” by the following two methods:

1. Open a spreadsheet window and right mouse click on the [Database Name] branch in the spreadsheet and select "Modify dataset properties".


2.Select "Modify Dataset Properties" from the File menu.

In the Modify Dataset Properties dialog select the database from the Dataset drop-down list and then choose a different field from the X Field and Y Fields drop down lists. Click Apply.

These default fields will not be changed immediately but only after the database is closed and then reloaded.

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Last Updated on: 10th of August, 2007