The PA Explorer 2023 (Build 18.0.68) release is now available

The latest PA Explorer 2023 release is now available using the link below:

What's new in version 17.0.204 (27th April 2023)

  • Fixed bug with IGRF computation in Line Utility.

What's new in version 17.0.201 (22nd February 2023)

  • Updated batch printing wizard to support newer versions of PDF Factory (FreshDesk 146812)
  • Fixed bug with loading Datamine triangulation files.

What's new in version 17.0.198 (17th January 2023)

  • Sort line numbers when loading a GDB
  • Set LineNumber and FlightNumber fields in structural data when loading a GDB
  • Re-enabled line iterator properties dialog
  • Removed dependency on VS C++ 2003 redistributable.

What's new in version 17.0.192 (20th December 2022)

  • Fixed bug with line iterator (Freshdesk 142963).
  • Fixed bug with the GridInterp and LineUtility plugins not showing datasets open in PA.
  • Improved support for polar stereographic coordinate systems.

What's new in version 17.0.183 (25th November 2022)

  • Bug fix for computing the station count for lines in a GDB files where the first field contains only null values.
  • When reading a BIL grid, read the associated PRJ file, if any, to get the grid's coordinate system.
  • Support reading Arc PRJ files which contain a compound coordinate system.

What's new in version 17.0.174 (25th October 2022)

  • Fixed crash bug for GDB with no stations on a line (FreshDesk 138600).
  • When writing TIF files, use the zip compression method instead of run length encoding to create smaller output files (FreshDesk 132376).
  • Added support for loading Geosoft Vector Voxel files as voxel models.
  • Fixed crash bug with voxels.

What's new in version 17.0.166 (29th August 2022)

  • Fix for colour and coordinate system issues when exporting raster to TIF using "Save as RGB Raster" option (FreshDesk 132376).
  • Fix for colouration issue when viewing ECW with MULTIBAND colour space (FreshDesk 133519).
  • Fix for feature database import issue (FreshDesk 133404).
  • Added an option in the grid rotate utility to rotate about a specified location.

What's new in version 17.0.156 (29th July 2022)

  • Bug fix to Line Calculator tool.
  • Added an option to never show the "Input line geometry warning" again.

What's new in version 17.0.142 (8th July 2022)

  • Fixed a Feature import issue.
  • Added several new datum codes to improve coordinate system support.
  • Fixed a pathing issue with the output from the Feature batch printing wizard.
  • Bug fixes to improve overall reliability.

What's new in version 17.0.139 (8th June 2022)

  • Performance improvements to feature databases.
  • Fixed issues which were limiting the maximum size of grids that could be processed in Grid Filter.

What's new in version 17.0.135 (24 May 2022)

  • Fixed a bug with opening sessions directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue with the Encom ZS grid filter which was causing an "Out of memory" error to appear with large grids.

What's new in version 17.0.132 (16 May 2022)

  • Fixed a bug with importing ASCII files into feature databases.
  • Removed the limit on the maximum grid size which can be processed.
  • Show a more detailed error string if licence activation fails.
  • Fixed the Feature Database issue which was requiring the "fix" tool to be run frequently.
  • Bug fixes in the Array Data 3D Gridding (EMVoxel) tool.
  • Bug fixes with Geosoft Database (GDB) support.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the multivariate stats explorer to crash with multi-banded data.
  • Fixed a bug with nulls in GDB files being treated as zeros in the Section Gridding tool.
  • Support ZIP compression in TIFF files.

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