How do I add more WMTS or XYZ Tileserver layers in MapInfo?


In QGIS or ArcGIS you can link XYZ Tile Server (also known as WMTS) web layer to add more Base Maps, such as It is also used by many webmap providers such as Google Maps and Mapbox.

MapInfo Pro has the same Base Maps layer such as Bing aerial and Precisely, but how can I add more?


You can create your own TAB and XML files based on the examples in C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\TileServer. OSM_Roads is the OpenStreeMap XYZ Tileserver example (that is no longer published in the Mapinfo menu).

In Discover 2021 a new tool was added to help you create your own Tileserver tab files.

To do this go to Discover>Import>XYZ Base maps

The URLs can be found by searching the internet for "XYZ Tile servers" and you will find source such as this -

Note While this is technically possible, you should make sure to check the terms and conditions for the website regarding using their map tiles i.e. : Google Maps APIs Terms of Service  |  Google Maps Platform 

Specifically 10.1(a), "No access to APIs or Content except through the Service. You will not access the Maps API(s) or the Content except through the Service. For example, you must not access map tiles or imagery through interfaces or channels (including undocumented Google interfaces) other than the Maps API(s)."

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Last Updated on: 5th of January, 2022