TAB files created in MapInfo Pro 64-bit cannot be opened into 3rd-party applications.


TAB files created in the latest 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro cannot be opened by 3rd party applications, such as Leapfrog Geo. They may also not be supported (in rare cases) in 32-bit Mapinfo Pro 15.0.


There are a number of enhancements to the TAB file format, which may not be backwards compatible with 3rd party programs.

For advanced users:

The following Mapbasic statement (typed into the MapBasic window) will save a table with a backwards compatible blocksize (512) and charset (WindowsLatin1), and as a standard NATIVE (non-unicode, whereas the new NATIVEX is unicode).

Commit Table TABLE_TO_SAVE As "C:\myfolderpath...\" TYPE NATIVE Charset "WindowsLatin1" blocksize 512 Interactive

Where TABLE_TO_SAVE is the you currently have opened in MapInfo.

Note this new tab file may not preserve all data from your original tab file (i.e. it may involve data loss).

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Last Updated on: 22nd of February, 2019