Discover3D.exe error - the application was unable to start correctly (32-bit only)


In Discover 2015 32bit or earlier, when I open the Discover3D Window, nothing happens or I receive an error message "Discover3D.exe error - the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000805). Click OK to close the application."

It may also mention ermapper_u.dll in the error details.


This affects the ERMapper ALG components of the software. This is due to the PATH environment variable being longer than 1024characters, which typical happens on software delveopers computers installing multiple SDKs and IDEs such as JAVA SDK, Visual studio, Intel compilers etc.

You can simply disable this by -
1. Go to Start and search for "regedit.exe" and run this.
2. Navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Earth Resource Mapping\Discover3d(libversion6.0)
(or PA(libversion6.0) for Discover PA)

And rename the value BASE_PATH to BASE_PATHX

Alternatively you can manually reduce the length of the Path environment variable.
To view or change environment variables:

1. Right-click Computer on the desktop icon or in Windows Explorer, and then click Properties.
2. Click on Advanced System Settings.
3. Click the Environment variables button.
4. In the System Variables list (second list) - scroll down and find "Path"
5. Select this and click Edit...
6. Copy and paste the contents into a text editor or Word. If longer the 1024you may need to remove some of the folders, starting from the last/end entry.

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Last Updated on: 14th of August, 2015