How do I set or change the scale for a layout window to print?

In Mapinfo Professional, I wish to create a printed map at a defined scaled.

The Discover Scaled output tool automates this process, however this can be done manually.

To do this -

1. Select Window>New Layout Window
2. Select to Create a frame for the desired map window
3. In the Layout window, firstly set the printer, page size and orientation; under File->Page Setup.
4. In the Layout, re-size the frame as desired by left-click and dragging the frame's border line.
5. Double-left click inside the Layout Frame (map) area to open the properties.
6. In the properties page ensure "Fill frame with contents" is ticked.
7. Enter a desired scale, and select to "Change Map zoom".
8. Click Ok to close the properties and apply changes.
9. Review the map, and if necessary, pan the map window to change the view in frame bounds.
10. Then simply print from the layout window.

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Last Updated on: 19th of July, 2011