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  1. questionIs there batch printing tools like MapShop available in 64bit versions?
    Mapshop was not converted to use the new Layout Designer window, and is therefor not in Discover 64bit. We suggest using Layout Templates (in Mapinfo 17.0 or layer) for customisable templates, and also try free tools such as SiteMapper - ...
  2. questionI cannot save my layout as a EMF/WMF file!
    Occurrence In the recent 64-bit version of MapInfo, from a Layout window I no longer have the option to Save Image as a .EMF or .WMF vector graphic formats. Solution You are still able to export a EMF/WMF from a Map window. For layout window, you can try using Create PDF option instead. Then ...
  3. questionHow do I set or change the scale for a layout window to print?
    In Mapinfo Professional, I wish to create a printed map at a defined scaled. The Discover Scaled output tool automates this process, however this can be done manually. To do this - 1. Select Window>New Layout Window 2. Select to Create a frame for the desired map window 3. In the Layout windo ...