What data formats and file types can I import?

Discover and MapInfo Professional can import an extensive range of industry standard and 3rd party data formats.

The attached PDF (bottom of the page) list all supported formats under the following categories, and for each format details the location of the required import tool.

  • Tabular and Vector data (including databases, contour files, text files, GIS formats such as Shape and geopackage etc)

  • Raster Imagery (such as aerial photography, SPOT imagery, company logos, etc)

  • Gridded Surfaces (such as digital elevation models & geophysical grids, multibanded remote sensing data such as LANDSAT) - requires a 3D license for 3D visualization and processing

  • Drillhole & Trench data (such as collars points and downhole survey, downhole assays and wireline LAS logs) - requires a 3D license for 3D visualization and processing

  • GPS Data (such as GPX)

  • 3D Vector Data (such as DXF of mine plans and drives, ore grade shells) - requires a 3D license for 3D visualization and processing

  • 3D Resources Models (such as 3D vectors or block/voxel models, geophysical inversion models such as Magnetic or EM targets) - requires a 3D license

A range of additional formats can be imported using MapInfo's TABLE>Universal Translator (which is based on Safe Software's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME)).

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