Error: "Raster engine unable to recognize image file format"


This error occurs when attempting to open a TAB file linked to a Surface Grid or Raster Image.


This issue is due to MapInfo Pro not being able to find your grid or raster handler files. This can occur for the reasons:

1. You may be attempting to open a ERMapper ALG raster file type in 64bit. This is not supported, you will need open the ALG file in noetpad, and anyalse which file it is opening. ALG are simliar to TAB file in that they contain no data themselves, and only reference other data files to open. Typical ALG files are simply opening a ERS or ECW file. These ERS or ECW files can be opened directly using the File>Open>Raster or Grid Image options.

2. You may be attempting to open a Mapinfo Raster MRR grid file type in 32bit. This is not supported, you will need to convert it to a different grid format using Mapinfo Raster.

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Last Updated on: 27th of October, 2016