How do I cut or erase solids/polyhedrons in 3D? There is no 'Target' button.


To cut one solid with another:

1. Make the feature database containing the objects editable (the objects must all be in the same
feature database).

2. Using the Select tool, select the target object to be cut.

3. While pressing the keyboard CTRL key, select the second object (i.e. the cutting surface).

4. Press the Cut button.   

5. In the Operation Options dialog, select the output feature database to create the Cut object in.
Ensure that the Delete original features option is disabled if you want to preserve the input objects.
Press OK.

Note that the output feature database will likely have two or more objects (the target object cut into
sub-portions). Select and Delete the unwanted objects.

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Last Updated on: 5th of July, 2013