How do I create grade/metal thickness contours in drillhole long/cross-sections or plans?

It’s a simple three step process to produce your grade-thickness contours:

·  Calculate the grade-thickness values

·  Grid these in either the long or cross section or a collar plan

·  Contour this grid

The procedure is outlined in the following steps. It requires your drillhole data to be part of a Discover
Drillhole Project, with the assay data set as a downhole data table.
1)    Grade*Thickness calculation

    Go to Table->Maintenance->Table Structure and add 2 float columns to your Assay table called
    (for example) 'Interval' and ‘Grade_thickness’.

    Use Table->Update Column to populate the Interval field as below (Interval = Depth_to - Depth_from).


    Then use the Table->Update Column to populate the Grade_thickness field as below
    (Grade_thickness =
Assay_field x Interval ).


    Save the assay table.

2)    Create  the required cross/long sections or plans

    Use Drillholes>Define New Section or Plan to create the sections or plans.

3)    Create a grid of the section/plan’s grade thickness

    Use the Drillholes->Sectional Resource Calculator to create a grid for the required sections/plans
    using the Grade_thickness field.



4)    Contour this Grade thickness grid

    Use the Surfaces->Contour Grid tool to contour your grid.

    Note that you may need to experiment with the Contour Intervals to get a satisfactory density of
    contour lines.


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