Cannot process an image file using the Discover>Images module


There are two cases that will prevent your from processing a raster image -

1) The Image is not listed in the selectable Images list, or when you attempt to load messages indicating 'Unsupported file format type'.

2) When attempting to process or rectify an image using the Images Module, numerous error messages about insufficient memory appear or the processed image is unable to be opened in MapInfo Professional.


Both of the issues listed above were predominantly resolved in Discover 2013, when the Images module was significantly upgraded to support the Clipping and Reprojection of:

  - ECW imagery and

  - Very large image files (of virtually unlimited size)

Note though that the Rectify Image option in Discover 2013 does not support ECW images, and is still file-size limited, as discussed below.

For older versions of Discover (v2012 and previous), see below:

1) The Image is an unsupported file type - such as ECWs.  See the related article on processing ECWs.

2) The Images Module requires at least four times the uncompressed (i.e. bitmap) image file size in free RAM in order to process an image (Rectify, Reproject, etc).

You can check the uncompressed size of an image under the Images>Image Properties tool.

For example if an image is 200MB in size (uncompressed), at least 800MB of free RAM is required to process the image.

RAM is consumed by both running applications and Windows operating systems. As a rough guide, Windows XP consumes about 300MB of RAM, whilst Windows Vista utilises about 1GB (or 500MB on 1GB RAM systems). Therefore the Images module should be able to process a 250MB (uncompressed .bmp) image on a 2GB Vista machine (assuming no other applications are running).

Recommended work-arounds for images with border-line file sizes:

1.  Try to Clip the file into smaller areas with the Images>Clip tool, or in a 3rd Party tool.

2.  Close all other running applications (including Discover 3D) to maximise the available RAM.

3.   Ensure that no other large files are open in MapInfo (including images, grids and tabular data). Try closing MapInfo down, reopening and then opening just the image to be processed.

Note 'Page files' will not increase the maximum available memory for the tool, only physical RAM will increase the memory limit. In addition Discover is limited to the 32-bit RAM limit, of apporaximately 3GB, even when running on Windows 64-bit.

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Last Updated on: 3rd of March, 2014