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  1. questionThe Datamine Discover AddIn for ArcGIS Pro (Version 2.1.589) release is now available
    The latest Datamine Discover AddIn for ArcGIS Pro release is now available using the link below: Download Link This version supports ArcGIS Pro version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2. It does not support ArcGIS Pro 3.3. You will need to install and license ArcGIS Pro first, before installing Discover. This is a ...
  2. questionArcGIS Pro 3.1 support
    ArcGIS Pro 3.1 is a full update for ArcGIS Pro 3.0. Your existing Discover version will generally support this, however opening geology specific raster grid formats such as Geosoft (GRD) or MapInfo (MRR) files. To repair this, simply download and run the latest version of the Discover installe ...
  3. questionHow do I upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and Discover
    ArcGIS Pro 3.0 is a major release which is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Discover. To upgrade firstly - 1. Download and install the .NET 6 Runtime which is required to run the ArcGIS Pro 3.0 installation - ...