Ready to Master MapInfo 64-bit? We've got you covered!

MapInfo Pro in 64-bit is well and truly up and running! 

From early on in the development, our ANZ partner Critchlow have been involved in helping Pitney Bowes test the design concepts and functionality of all MapInfo Pro releases. 

And now that more and more MapInfo Pro users are switching over to the 64-bit version, we want to make sure that you're up to speed with how it works and are getting the most out of it.

To help, Critchlow has published four blog posts highlighting the key steps to Mastering MapInfo Pro 64-bit...

#1 - Control your Windows

#2 - Right-click for Speed

#3 - Context is King

#4 - The Best of Old and New

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Last Updated on: 5th of December, 2016