How do I calculate the area of polygons or length of polylines in my table?


I want to calculate the area for each polygon region in my table?


In MapInfo Pro, simply double left click on any Region/Polygon, Polyline or Point object to see its area, length, and coordinates.

To add the area/length to a column -
  1. Open the Table and navigate to TABLE>Table>Modify Structure and add an field called Area of type Float.
  2. Then navigate to TABLE>Update Column.
  3. Select the Table as both the Table to Update and Table to get value from. Select the Area as the column to update.
  4. Click the Assist button. Select Area from the Function list and click OK.
  5. Click OK to update the table.
  6. Note that functions such as sum and average can be viewed by opening TABLE>Calculate Statistics. This displays the statistics for the current selection.


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Last Updated on: 4th of February, 2010