MapInfo generated layered PDF contains no layers - how do I print a layered PDF?


How do I print a PDF document that contains layers representing my map or layout window layers.


MapInfo Professional 10.0 introduced layered PDF printing support. This means any layers contained in a Map or Layout Window, will be printed into separate layers in a PDF file.

However it currently only works with a number of restrictions, including -

  1. Make sure you are printing with the MapInfo PDF Printer version 10.0 print driver
  2. Make sure Enhanced Rendering is turned off by navigating to Map>Options or Layout>Options (If you cannot turn it off for a layout, turn it off for the source map windows first)
  3. Make sure all vectors, rasters or grids do NOT have any Transparency/Translucency turned on
  4. Check under Options>Preferences>Output Settings>Printing, that you are printing Directly to device

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Last Updated on: 23rd of October, 2009