I've added a raster or grid image to my map window, but it does not appear.

Try the following:

1/. Ensure that the map window view encompasses the raster image. Right-click in the map window, select the View Entire Layer menu option, and choose either the 'All Layers' or image name from the pull
down list. Press OK.

2/. In MapInfo's Layer Control dialog, is the image ticked as visible? Does the image layer's tick have a *?
If so, Zoom Layering has been enabled for this image, and the map window view scale is outside the preset zoom range for this image.
To disable Zoom Layering, double-left click on the image in the Layer Control and deselect the 'Display within Zoom Range' option. Press OK to return to the map window. the Image should now be displayed.

Note: Zoom Layering can be permanently disabled for all raster images by selecting the MapInfo PRO>Options>Map Window option, and deselect the Automatic Raster Zoom Layering tick box and Automatic Grid Zoom Layering  (pictured below).

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Last Updated on: 24th of December, 2008