My USB Dongle license is not working


After plugging in the Encom USB License Dongle into my computer I receive a message when starting an Encom application that the software is not licensed.


Part A - Install the Encom License Manager Software

Note: This process will need to be repeated on each computer you wish to use the dongle license on.

1.       Download the latest version of the license management software from the following link:

2.       Run the Encom_Licence_Manager_Setup.exe. You will require administrator level access to do this.

3.       Click Next on the first dialog, followed by selecting Install and click Next.

4.       Select the USB Dongle license option on the installation type dialog and continue through the installation process.

5.       Complete the remainder of the installation as prompted.

The computer is now set up to support dongle licensing.

Part B - Activating Encom Dongle License

Note:  Follow steps 1 to 7 on each computer to enable dongle licensing.  Once the dongle has been activated on each individual computer the dongle can be freely transferred between all computers required to operate the activated Encom software product.

To activate your dongle license on a computer:

1.       Plug your Encom dongle into a computer USB port.

2.       Open the application you wish to activate e.g. Discover.

3.       Upon opening the Encom application you will be prompted to activate the software. On the License dialog select Yes.

4.      The Encom Licence Manager will detect a dongle is attached and prompt to create a local licence file on the computer hard disk for the attached dongle. Select Yes on the Dongle Detected dialog to proceed.

Note: The physical dongle hardware is required to be plugged into the computer to operate the activated Encom software product.

5.         You will then be prompted for the company name to be stored in this licence file. Enter your company name.

6.       Enter the dongle licence activation code provided by PBSI in the Licence Manager dialog on the Activate Software tab. Click the Activate button to activate the dongle licence on the computer.

Note: Ensure that 'Sentinel dongle......' is selected from the Licence file option.

7.         Click the Close button on the Licence Manager, the Encom software product will now be licensed for this computer.

Note:  If your computer already has disk or server based licensing for this or another Encom application you DO NOT need to delete any disk licence files before activating a dongle licence.


Firstly, check dongle support is enabled, by navigating to -

C:\ProgramData\Encom (note this is a hidden folder and you will need to manually type the location in the address bar)

And open the EncomLM.ini file in notepad.

Change -




And save. The dongle option should now appear.

To confirm that the dongle drivers were installed correctly and the USB port is working, plug the dongle into a USB port and check the following:

1.       Navigate in Windows to Start>Control Panel>System.

2.       On the Hardware tab select Device Manager.

3.       Under Universal Serial Bus controllers ensure the SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro device is displayed.

If you do not see this device present navigate to the directory C:\Program Files\Encom and execute the file SentinelSystemDriverInstaller7.5.1.exe to reinstall the device drivers.  Navigate back to the Device Manager to check if the SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro device is displayed.

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Last Updated on: 23rd of January, 2015